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About Us

Since thousands of years, ancient Indian physicians have understood the secrets of perfect skin and youthful beauty, and have successfully maintained this knowledge inside one of the world's oldest healthcare systems, known as Ayurveda or the “knowledge of life.” The ancient system emphasises that the whole of your being— body, breath, mind, and spirit—are all interconnected and interdependent. When all of these are working harmoniously, you become a radiant beauty while feeling even better within.

An authentic, traditional skincare brand, Advik Ayurveda was established based on the fundamentals of Ancient Ayurveda. Our emphatically Indian luxury beauty brand, Advik (the Unique), is popular for its relevance to traditional beauty practices. Incorporating modern design approach, the emphasis is on efficacy, sensory experience, and satisfaction.

Our belief is that beauty products derived from living things, such as plants or their extracts, are well-balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that is the very essence of life. Based on this age-old Indian principle, Advik Ayurveda is a genuine brand with an expertise in the art of skincare. In the Luxurious Ayurveda category, it is the quintessential Indian beauty brand that showcases ancient Ayurvedic beauty rituals with engaging and immersive aesthetics. The emphasis is on efficacy, sensorial engagement, and pleasure of use. 

The Promise of Advik Ayurveda

Have you always wished for that supple, flawless and taut skin with minimal effects of ageing? Always wished to learn and practice some timeless secrets of Ayurveda?

You are on the right page as Advik Ayurveda brings to you some proven, holistic natural healing solutions for skin and vitality.

We specialise in distilling the knowledge of thousands of years in a quickly usable design for our customers. Our products are based on the principles of natural healing that nourish your skin rather than suppress symptoms temporarily.

If you wish to flaunt a salon-like skin with no fuss about time constraints, order our products that are developed following the principles of Ayurveda, which include: Maintaining a healthy radiant skin depends on retaining natural oils, vitamins and other forms of nutrition both internally and on skin surface.

Even though the shelf life of our products is much lesser than that of mass produced toiletries as no preservatives are used, we aver that your skin and body will thank you for it. We do our best to give our customers the ideal skincare treatment based their needs of this day and age. 

Advik Ayurveda brings to you the wisdom of holistic treatment, natural healing, environment-friendly ingredients, and non-invasive procedures of our forefathers in a way that doesn’t disturb your daily routine. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, naturally healing and easily usable. These help you fight the ill-effects of ageing, stressful life, lifestyle disorders, and even post-covid skin complications.

As skincare experts, we offer a wide range of products for skin problems such as dryness, acne, pigmentation, oiliness, hair fall, premature greying, to name a few. All of Advik Ayurveda's high quality products are rigorously focused on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulations. Our natural products are certified and globally accessible, devoid of synthetic colours, perfumes, parabens, and petrochemicals. We are strongly opposed to animal experimentation.