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Best Almond Oil for Hair Growth, Hair Fall Control and Radiant Skin

Cold Processed Almond Oil for Skin & Hair (Natural & Chemical Free) 

Advik Ayurveda's cold-pressed Virgin Almond oil is formulated to give you the full Almond oil benefits this wonder nut which is nourishing and gentle on your skin and hair. It is made from the best, highest-grade sweet almonds, ensuring that it is of excellent quality and has high nutritional content. The production of our virgin oil does not include the use of heat or chemicals. Using this sweet almond oil, you can renew your dead skin cells while providing complete nutrition for your skin and hair. Virgin Almond Oil from Advik Ayurveda is entirely natural and organic. It is the Best Hair oil for Hair Fall Control and Hair Growth. It helps decrease hair loss, cleaning and purifying the skin of dirt, pollutants, and tanning deposited on it.

This product is based on the millenniums' old Ayurvedic tradition to soothe, smoothen and heal the skin with an easy home remedy. Almonds are rich in fatty acids, which help decrease the dryness of the hair and skin, the flakiness of the scalp and prevent hair loss. The proven skincare ingredients in our specially formulated oil are effective, anti-inflammatory, emollient, and rejuvenating.  

Almond Oil Benefits:

Advik Ayurveda Almond Oil for skin and hair

1. Reduces puffiness and dark circles under eyes

2. Rejuvenates the dead skin cells

3. Improves complexion and skin tone

4. Reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth

5. Treats dry skin, improves acne

6. Helps reverse sun damage

7. Cleanses and purifies the skin from dirt and pollutants

8. Reduces the appearance of scars

9. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Almond Oil Key Ingredients:

Advik Ayurveda Almond Oil

Almond: One of the most important almond advantages is that it promotes hair growth. It is high in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that combats and protects your hair from environmental stresses, making it healthier and shinier. 

Product Description
Item Weight 100 ml
Main Ingredients Almonds
Who can use This Oil is suitable for all gender, and is effective for all skin and Hair types
Item Features Natural & Vegan, Sulphate & Paraben Free, No Harmful Chemical, Handmade, Cold Processed
Directions to Use Hair: Gently massage the scalp by diluting two parts of almond oil and one part of coconut oil together. Allow it to settle for 4-5 hours or whole night, then cleanse with shampoo or hair cleanser. Face: Gently massage 3-4 minutes by taking 2-3 drops of almond oil in a circular motion every day. Best before going to bed. Body: Gently massage with the oil all over the body to moisture and cleanse the skin.

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Almond Oil 100 ml- Cold Processed Oil For Skin & Hair

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